Lampshade Replacements

A few words on Replacing your Lampshade

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  1. A quick note on replacing your lampshades.
    When it comes time to replace your lampshade.
    It will always be in your best interest to bring your lamp into the shop to try on new shades.
    Electric lamps have been common in housholds for just over 100 years.
    In that time the majority of lamp designs are based on:
    Candlesticks, Urns, Jars, and Figurines.
    About every 8 to 10 years there is a shift in design affecting the color and finish of new lamps, as well as the size and shape of the lampshade.
    By bringing your lamp into the shop to replace your lampshade you will be able to tryon several differant styles of shade.
    When you are at a point of needing to replace a lampshade anyway why not see about updating the whole look of the lamp.

    I just want to ad that some lamps are perfectly suited to one type of shade. In this case it is nice to see other treatments on the shades you are looking at. You can see color choices as well as different pleated or non-pleated looks.
    Whatever your preaferance we are happy to show you what is avalable, and give you all your lampshade recovery options.

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