Repair and Restoration services

At the Village Lamp Shop inc. we specialize in lamp and fixture repair and restoration.

If you have a lamp or fixture that is dated and out of style we can work with you to update it and give it a new life.

Lampshade Replacement and Recovery

Our ability to help you replace your lampshade is unmatched.  We carry a large variety of soft and hard backed lampshades, as well as offering full lampshade recovery services.

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Custom Lighting

We are happy to design lighting that fits your needs.  We design and make everything from floor lamps to table lamps, or Pendants to fixtures, and don’t forget the wall sconces.

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Since 1993

Your Lamps deserves our attention

Weather you have an older lamp that has sentimental value, or a new lamp that doesn’t quite look or work properly. We can help. Our services can repair the wiring to keep you and your family safe. We can help to redesign your lamps to make them the prize pieces that you wish everything in your home to be.

Lamps have been an important part of home furnishing for over 100 years. Lamps have stayed very consistent in design. Most lamps are candlesticks, urns, jars, and figurines. The lampshades, the finishes or the colors have changed to suit the time. your lamp that was made so well is not a lost cause just because you have gone a new direction in your personal style. Stop in and let us show you how to reinvent your lamps. We can give them a whole new life with a new lampshade and finial. We are also happy to look them over and check to see if the wiring is up to code and safe to use in your home.



Next Steps...

For information about our services please call. We are happy to try to answer any question to the best of our ability.  You are always welcome to bring any lamp or shade into the shop. We are always able to give you more information and a wider variety of solutions when we can get a close look at the problems.